07 October 2015

10 Things to Do When You're Feeling Under the Weather

10 Things to Do When You're Feeling Under the Weather
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I always struggle to keep good health in the change over from Winter to Spring. After a busy week, I finally had the chance to slow down and that's when it hit me. There's nothing I hate more than a fuzzy head, sore throat and a general run down feeling. Here are some things I like to do when I'm not feeling my best: 

1. Curl up in a blanket 
When you're unwell, I think it's really important to feel comfortable. Find your favourite blanket and get cosy on the couch. 

2. Watch your favourite TV show or movie
Watch something you love. It's an instant mood booster. At the moment I'm watching through How I Met Your Mother. Or if YouTube is more your thing have a marathon of your favourite YouTuber!

3. Listen to some music or podcasts
Again this is a great mood booster. Music can make you feel so many things. Listen to your favourite artist, album or playlist for a pick me up. My album of choice is Lady Gaga's Artpop. I also love listening to Hamish & Andy podcasts. 

4. Browse or shop online
Even if you're not in the market to buy anything, take a look around your favourite stores. I love looking at Feel Unique, Lush, ASOS and Cotton On (especially Cotton On Body and Typo).

5. Blog
Write some blog posts. If my head isn't clear enough to write I take the opportunity to catch up on the blogs I follow. I love reading other bloggers' reviews, opinions and suggestions. I also search for new blogs to follow.

6. Pamper yourself
Treat yourself! Have a relaxing bath or use a nice face mask to make yourself feel better. 

7. Cuddle with a pet
If you have one, snuggle up with a pet. Pets can be extremely therapeutic. I love puppy cuddles!

8. Eat fruit
Eating something fresh makes you feel good and it helps you on the way to recovery. Cut up a fruit platter or make a yummy smoothie. 

9. Drink water
Hydration is so important! Your body needs water when you're sick. I also find it clears my head. Hot lemon and honey water can make your throat feel better too. 

10. Rest
Resting is definitely the most important thing to do when you're unwell. Switch off for a few hours a day and take the time to get better! 

Being under the weather is never fun, but I do these things to help me feel better and recover faster. I hope they do the same for you!

Hannah x



  1. I really enjoyed this. I think it's the weather but I'm in a slump. Also writing professionally doesn't help, does it? We're solitary by nature!


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