23 November 2015

NYX: Glam Shadow Sticks | Review & Swatches

NYX Glam Shadow Sticks Luminous Crystal, Elegant Marble and Dazzling Quartz

This week on my blog I am featuring some NYX products that I recently bought. First up is NYX Glam Shadow Sticks. I purchased the colours 'Luminous Crystal', 'Elegant Marble' and 'Dazzling Quartz'. I had never used eye shadow in pencil or stick form and I was really eager to try it.
NYX Glam Shadow Sticks are really easy to apply. They are very creamy and apply smoothly. They are great to use if you are in a rush. The eyeshadows wind up and down, meaning you don't need to sharpen them. They are very pigmented and the colour is buildable. You can choose to have a light sheen of colour or build up to the same colour as the stick. As they are creamy they do crease, though a primer will help prevent this. The colour fades a bit on oily eyelids but I was happy with how it lasted on me.

NYX Glam Shadow Sticks Swatch Luminous Crystal, Elegant Marble and Dazzling Quartz
Left to right: Luminous Crystal, Elegant Marble and Dazzling Quartz
NYX Glam Shadow Sticks come in 16 shades, all glittery and shimmery. 'Luminous Crystal' is a cool toned silver, 'Elegant Marble' is a lovely copper bronze and 'Dazzling Quartz' is a cool toned gold. 'Elegant Marble' is my favourite of the colours I chose. The shade really suits my skin tone and eye colour. 

I was overall happy with this product. I love the colour pay off and the application. The medium endurance doesn't bother me, but I can understand that this may be a deal breaker for others. 


I currently can't find this product in stock online anywhere, but will keep my eye out!

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  1. I haven't used any eyeshadow sticks yet! In my eye they seem to be must-have makeup piece when you're rushing in the morning, so I need to give them a go, haha x


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