11 December 2015

Beauty To-Do List

Beauty To Do List

Anyone who dances or has danced at a studio will know how busy the end of the year gets. Dance concerts are a huge affair and a lot of time and effort goes into them. Mine is this weekend! With all the rehearsals and preparation, I haven't been taking care of my skin or hair. I'm definitely noticing a difference. So here is my beauty to-do list (plus a couple others) to complete once it is all over: 

  1. Do a face mask: wearing thick make up for long hours hasn't done any favours for my skin. I'll be using St. Ives Smooth & Hydrated Oatmeal Scrub + Mask (see my review here). 
  2. Use a pore strip: there's a lot of debate as to whether these actually work, but I find them incredibly satisfying to use. Around the edges of my nose is where my skin creates most of its oil and I feel that pore strips really get at all the dirt there. I'll be using Bioré Original Deep Cleansing Pore Strips
  3. Take a bath: to relax and destress when all the hard work is done! I'll be using Zoella Beauty Soak Opera (see my review here).
  4. Use a body scrub: to exfoliate my skin and get rid of my fake tan. I'll be using Premium Spa Frangipani & Coconut Sugar Body Scrub.
  5. Moisturise: my skin is so dry at the moment, and once I take off my tan it will be even worse! I want to properly hydrate my skin. For my legs I'll be using QV Skincare Intensive Body Moisturiser (very moisturising, slightly oily) and for the rest of my body I'll be using Zoella Beauty Candy Cream (see my review here).
  6. Do a hair treatment: gel, hairspray, teasing, heat styling - need I say more? My hair is in super bad condition right now. I'll be using Toni & Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask (see my review here).
  7. Clean my make up brushes: this is something I haven't done for a while and I keep putting off!
  8. Get a hair cut: I have put off getting a hair cut all year so that I didn't jeopardise what little hair I already have to make into a bun. It definitely needs one though. I'm currently trying to decide whether to get a slight trim or a few inches off. 
  9. Clean my room: I really need to put my floordrobe back into my wardrobe. My make up is everywhere and I have paper everywhere. Everything needs a serious sorting out!
  10. Finalise and wrap my Christmas gifts: for the most part I have all my gifts, but there are still a few bits and pieces I'd like to add to some gifts. Then I need to wrap them all! 

I'm really looking forward to treating myself a little bit and getting my skin and hair back under control! What's on your beauty to-do list? 

Hannah x


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  1. Cleaning my makeup brushes is the biggest chore ever!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

    1. Definitely doing some major procrastination on that one!

  2. I need to start getting into face masks more often



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