04 December 2015

Getting Back Into Reading

When I was younger I really enjoyed reading. I'd always have books lined up under my bed in the order I wanted to read them and would steadily work my way through. Then when I hit high school I got busy with coping with a totally different environment and I often had a book to read for English assignments anyway. By the end of high school I wasn't even finishing my novels for my exams because I didn't enjoy the material I was given and I felt as though I had no time. 
Now that I've finished school, I'm finding that I really miss sitting down with a good book. I am still definitely strapped for time but I want to make the effort to get back into reading. I want to use reading as a way to clear my head, stop stressing about the hundreds of things I have to do, and become absorbed in a book. 

I wanted to choose something that was different to anything I'd ever read before, to keep me engaged, so I chose 'The Human Flies' by Hans Olav Lahlum. I generally gravitate towards fantasy or supernatural based books, so I felt like a crime fiction novel would be a good change. I purchased this when I visited Wellington last weekend from Unity Books on Willis Street. I was attracted by the cover and found the blurb on the back of the book interesting so decided to pick it up. I haven't read any reviews so I'm really excited to read it without any other ideas already in my head. I'll report back on it once I've finished it!

Do you enjoy reading? Do you have any book recommendations? 

Hannah x



  1. I love reading, though things have been getting crazy around this time of the year so I haven't really had a chance to pick up a good book in a while. Usually I gravitate toward fiction books but the last thing I read was Humans of New York: Stories and I really loved it!


    1. I really want to check out Humans of New York: Stories!


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