06 January 2016

5 Things I'm Using to Stay Organised in 2016

2016 Organisation Items

I love being organised and find my life flows much easier if I plan things ahead of time. Here are 5 things I'll be using to stay organised in 2016: 

The Last Diary Company Planner Diary 2016

1. Planner
I chose this planner from The Last Diary Company because of its vertical weekly view. It is much easier to stay organised if I have an overview of my week. I like the vertical view because it puts my days next to each other instead of underneath (in horizontal view).

Typo Big Pugging Deal Calendar April

2. Wall Calendar
I like wall calendars because it's easy to glance at what the date is or what day of the week a certain date is. I'm using this one I received for Christmas from Typo.

3. Sunrise Calendar
I use Sunrise Calendar to plan my posts in addition to Evernote. It allows me to see what posts I've got coming up and if they need to be rearranged at all.

4. Evernote
Evernote is where I first jot down my post ideas with a little description of what I want to write and what photos I want to take. I choose which date I want to post it on and then it syncs with Sunrise Calendar. 

Go Stationary Notebook

5. To-Do Lists
I love to-do lists! I'm the kind of person that needs to write things down or I forget. I often write to-do lists the night before if I have a lot to do the next day. Plus it is super satisfying crossing tasks off. I bought a fresh, new notebook to write my lists in. It's from Go Stationery. I'm also using it to jot down little notes and ideas throughout the day. 

What do you use to stay organised? 

Hannah x



  1. I really need to get a wall calendar! I sometimes find my diary much easier to use as I look at it everyday to keep organised and schedule posts and appointments x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture

    1. Diaries are definitely my top choice for organisation :)

  2. planners and to do list fuel my day and productivity. i love to keep track of my week and get things done.


    1. Same here! I always feel so much better when I'm productive :)

  3. Evernote is my lifesaver, I think I rely on it a little too much!

    Parie x

  4. You look like you're going to make organisation your bitch. I get so overwhelmed by my love for looking like I'm organising, but then I never actually follow what I've planned! This is the year I really need to get it together!
    Your planners are all so cute by the way - you've picked so right!
    Kyah / www.weekendtempo.com

    1. Hopefully I do. I often fall behind with it but this year I'm trying not to!

  5. Thanks for this post - I'm like you in that i voe being on top of everything; whenever I get a new notebook it's always the highlight of my day! I've never tried Evernote but I've heard great things about it - think I might have to check it out! Lx

    1. I love stationery so much, it's a bit of a problem! Evernote is very useful but it is mainly just my first stop in terms of planning my posts.

  6. I absolutely love stationery! I've just seen this and nearly fallen in love http://www.rubyblackdesigns.com/products/timeline-planner-2016



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