01 January 2016

New Year's Resolutions Everyone Should Make

2016 Planner Diary

Happy New Year! Now's the time that everyone starts to make changes in their life. People begin to work on their goals and resolutions. To me, there is a difference between the two. Goals are something you want to complete or achieve. A resolution is the decision to take actions to make your life better. Here are some resolutions everyone can benefit from:

Be kind to yourself
I think everyone will find that they could be a little kinder to themselves. I know that I am often hard on myself for little reasons. As long as you are doing your best, you have nothing to worry about! Make sure you take some time for yourself every now and then too. 

Be kind to others
You never know what someone else is going through. Everyone has their own problems that they need to deal with. Approach everyone with openness and patience.

Push yourself
If you feel like you're stuck in a rut it is time to move out of your comfort zone. Try new things! Go further when working towards your goals. 

Learn & Grow
Learn and grow from your endeavours. Sometimes you fail - and that's ok. You cannot succeed at everything or you will never grow. When you succeed, don't take a step back, take it a step further. Let both success and failure motivate you.  

Do more for others 
Whether it's something small or not, doing things for others can make the world a better place. Volunteer, make donations or help out your friends and family. 

These are all things I will be working on in 2016. What are your resolutions this year?

Hannah x



  1. So true about being kind to others! X


  2. Being kind to myself and others are something I intend to do on a daily basis, it's pretty much the two sayings my mum raised me on! I'm going to be a student nurse this year so I imagine they'll come in pretty handy! Happy New Year!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  3. I love these. We all put so much pressure on ourselves and I know I definitely do! I like to try and be as kind as I can to others but I definitely want to make others feel happier and just do random acts of kindness a lot throughout 2016!
    Happy New Year!

    Sian xx Cakey Dreamer

  4. I couldn't agree more! Love this blogpost! X

  5. Love these - I think people forget the simple things they should be improving on and are too specific in some areas while losing sight of things such as these.
    Kyah / www.weekendtempo.com

  6. loved this post and agreed so much with everything you put, i definitely need to push myself!


  7. This is such a simple list, I wrote like 100 and most of those I won't do! So typical!


    1. I would usually do something similar, but just wanted to keep it simple this year!


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