22 February 2016

Soft Pink Make Up Look

Soft Pink Make Up Look Products

Lately I've been obsessed with pink and mauve shades, particularly eye shadows. I think they really suit hazel eyes (which I have!) and for me it's not too far away from my comfort zone of neutrals. I created this look using the Models Prefer Complete Colour Portfolio palette. 

Products used
Models Prefer Complete Colour Portfolio (no longer available)
Designer Brands Professional Brush Set Medium Brush
Avon Blending Brush
Shader/Smudge Brush (unsure of brand)

Soft Pink Make Up Look

I kept it pretty simple for my face, using only my Rimmel concealer and powder. I then did my eyebrows as usual using my Rimmel pencil and Maybelline brow mascara. I applied the bottom blush shade to the tops of my cheek bones and dark contour shade to sculpt my cheekbones and jawline. 

I primed my eyes with the Australis primer. I then applied shade 1 all over my lid, shades 2 and 3 to two thirds of my lid and shade 4 to my corner and crease, blending in between. I also took shade 4 underneath my bottom lash line. I finished off by applying Maybelline Illegal Length to my top lashes and Covergirl Clump Crusher to my bottom lashes.

For lips I simply used a light pink gloss shade from the palette. 

Soft Pink Make Up Look Face Colours

Soft Pink Make Up Look Eye Colours

Do you like using pink shades in your make up?

Hannah x


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  1. really enjoyed reading this! I did a similar blog post to this a while ago, but used some different products :) http://mia--makeup.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/easy-to-wear-subtle-pink-makeup-look.html

  2. Wonderful look!


  3. I love this look and wake me up does wonders to my under eye circles ♥



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