07 March 2016

How I Clean My Make Up Brushes

Make Up Brush Cleaning Products

Keeping your make up brushes clean should be an important part of your beauty routine. Sometimes it can feel like a chore, but bacteria can build up in your brushes and have a negative effect on your skin. Everyone has different techniques when it comes to cleaning their brushes. Today I thought I'd share mine!

For my system you will need:
Anti bacterial soap - I use Woolworths Select Anti-Bacterial Soap 
Baby shampoo - I use Johnson's Baby Shampoo
Tea tree oil - I use Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil
Two towels 
Two small containers 
A sink

Make Up Brush Cleaning Set Up

Here's what I do: 

  • I lay out one of my towels on a bench, folded in half and half again. I do the same with my second towel but roll it up loosely and place it at the back edge of the first towel. This way I can lean my brushes against it to dry. 

  • I fill each small container with enough water to dip the tops of my brushes into. I put a pump of soap in one container and a few drops of tea tree oil in the other.

  • I swirl my brush around in the soap container and then clean it against my hand. I rinse it underneath running water, keeping the brush facing downwards. If water goes directly into the handle it can loosen the glue that keeps your brushes together. 

  • Next I swirl it around in the tea tree oil container and again clean the brush against my hand. I then rinse it again in the same way. 

  • Then I place the brush onto my towels facing downwards and leaning against the second towel. The water drips out from the brushes and dries.

  • I repeat this with all my brushes and leave them overnight to dry. 

This method works for me but you can definitely tailor it to suit your brush cleaning needs! How do you clean your brushes? 

Hannah x



  1. Lovely post thanks for this tip I learnt something new

  2. Love the towel tip! I'm definitely going to use it next time I do my brushes.


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