25 April 2016

Real Techniques: Expert Face Brush and Powder Brush | Review

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and Powder Brush

Real Techniques has a wide range of quality brushes at an affordable price! Created by Sam and Nic Chapman, Real Techniques offers every brush a girl could ever need. I currently own the Expert Face Brush and Powder Brush. Today I'm sharing my thoughts on them with you:

18 April 2016

L'Oreal Paris: True Match Foundation | Review

L'Oreal Paris: True Match Foundation

Finding the perfect foundation is something I've struggled with since I first started wearing make up. It's not something I wear every day, generally only when my skin is having a bad day, I feel like making my complexion more even or I'm doing a full face of make up. As a pale person with yellow undertones, I find it difficult to find a foundation that matches my skin without being too orange, too pink or too dark. L'Oreal Paris' True Match Foundation has a wide range of shades so I decided to give it a go!

11 April 2016

Turning 20

Turning 20

Tomorrow is the my 20th birthday (happy birthday to me!). Over the past week I have been reflecting on my life and what I have achieved. I would say at the moment I am happy with my life and happy with who I am. Today I was going to share 20 things I learned by 20. Instead I've decided to touch on just a few things, more in depth. So here are some words of wisdom from me in my last few hours of being 19! 

04 April 2016

7 Spotify Playlists

7 Spotify Playlists

I love Spotify. It's great for discovering new music, artists you've never heard of and listening to the big hits! I'm also a huge fan of their playlists. I have a broad taste in music and generally it depends on how I'm feeling. Spotify is perfect for finding playlists that match your mood! Today I'm sharing 7 playlists that I'm loving right now: 
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