25 October 2016

Visiting Home

Cosy Cup of Hot Chocolate

A few weeks ago I returned to Wellington after visiting home for the first time in 8 months. I was able to spend 10 days at home. It was a great chance to rest and refresh. After being non-stop for so long I really enjoyed the break.

Seeing family was definitely the highlight of my trip. I had seen some family when they came to visit me during the year, but others I hadn't seen since the day before I left home. I was lucky enough to be home for my aunt's birthday too. Having home cooking (and not cooking for myself for the first time in a while) was something I enjoyed every minute of. 

Of course, reuniting with my dog was one of the best feelings ever. My parents surprised me by bringing her when they picked me up. She went absolutely insane. While I was home I had lots of cuddles and took way too many photos. Sorry phone storage!

I mentioned in my 5 Things I Miss About Home post that I missed my shower and all my wonderful beauty products. My first shower after arriving home was glorious! Although that was partially due to the 10 hours of travel. I took full advantage of my products while I was there. 

Visiting home really made me appreciate my life. Sometimes you need to slow down to put things into perspective. My trip home went by so quickly but I'll be home again in just under two months! 

What do you enjoy about visiting home? 

Hannah x



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  2. Sounds lovely to return home. Especially meeting your dog after such a long time!
    For me, I enjoy the comfortable beds I slept in and taking long, hot baths! Oh well, I hope to visit home soon too. <3 :)
    Much love,


    1. My bed was sooo comfy! I hope you get to visit home soon x

  3. Aw this post is so sweet, I feel all happy now having read it! haha. I am so glad I found your blog too, keep up the lovely work! x


  4. It's so lovely you got to see your family again! Very inspirational post as well, I totally agree with you! Sometimes you just need to take a step back from everything! xx


  5. Home cooked meals that you don't have to cook yourself are the best! Glad you got to visit home and relax :)

    I recently started blogging and would appreciate if you checked out my latest post:

  6. I'm currently at home during my reading week and coming back after a while away definitely makes you appreciate it more! I'm loving being pampered and getting my meals cooked for me and my washing done too! It's the little things that really help you relax!


  7. I think reuniting with your dog is always the best feeling ever! Whenever i'm away from home I always miss my dog the most haha.
    Holly x | https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/chronicles-holly-13610625

    1. My argument is that I can call and text people but I can't with my pup, that's why I miss her more haha!


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