24 July 2017

Here's My 2017 So Far

Let New Adventures Begin

Hello blogging world! Once again, it's been a while.

The last time I posted here it was my last day in Wellington. Now, I've been living in Melbourne for nearly 7 months! I knew that moving to Melbourne would keep me crazy busy but I had no idea just how much. Here's my 2017 so far:


In January I moved into my new place. Anyone who has moved knows what this means. Packing and unpacking boxes, furniture construction and buying new bits and pieces for the house. Moving into an unfurnished rental house meant a full house of furniture to buy. Now at least I'm pretty handy with a screwdriver and at putting together furniture. Having only been in Melbourne for my audition in August last year and to find a place to rent in December, I had to learn my way around a completely new city. Luckily for me, Google Maps is very helpful and easily accessible. 

I also met my new housemates! We organised late last year to live together, despite never having met each other before. They're both beautiful people and I love them both dearly. 


February meant the start of the reason I had moved to Melbourne in the first place - studying dance full time! Nothing could have prepared me for the highs and lows of full time dance. The aches, frustration and long hours can be overwhelming at times. But I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. It's nice to feel that I am somewhere I belong and somewhere I can grow. I'm pretty sure I have an "I am actually dancing full time, I get to do this every day" at least once a day and I'm six months in!

I also had the chance to see Dancenorth perform their work Attractor.

March & April

Some of my family flew down to see my first pre-professional show. Although I rarely get homesick, I always get emotional seeing my family and saying goodbye again. But it wasn't for long this time as I went home a few days later for my holidays to see the rest of my family (most importantly my dog, Remy) and celebrated my 21st birthday! 

May & June

My dance training continued. I saw Sydney Dance Company's Orb and also went to see Aladdin, renewing my love for musical theatre. I had my second pre-professional show season, where I not only danced but was given the opportunity to be a member of the backstage crew. 


The beginning of July was another set of holidays for me and a very welcome break after a long term. Unfortunately I spent the majority of it unwell. The last three days of my holidays were spent at a ballet workshop with Dusty Button, something I'd been looking forward to since I booked all the way back in April! It was an incredible experience and excited me to return to full time dance the day afterwards.

Most recently, yesterday in fact, I went to Disney on Ice's Frozen with my housemates. It brought back all the memories from my trip to Disney World in 2013. Nothing beats the magic of Disney!

With all these things happening, blogging was put on the back burner but I have been missing writing and being part of the blogging community. So I'm cautiously optimistic but definitely want to get back in there! 

How has your 2017 been so far?
Hannah x


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